2015 NYCHA
Online Trainer Auction

Benefiting the
National Youth Cutting Horse Association

Auction Dates Will Be Announced Soon!

    The NYCHA Online Trainer Auction is a fundraiser for the NYCHA.  These trainers have generously donated their time, facility, cows, etc.  to support NCHA's youth program. 100% of the money from the winning bids goes to the NYCHA.  Funds raised from this program help support youth scholarships, youth awards, and various youth activities. 

Now taking donations for the 2015 NYCHA Trainer Service Program
  Please contact the NYCHA if you would like to donate a Training Session!  Click Here for the Trainer Service Program Contract!
Must have at least 25,000 in NCHA earnings

THANK YOU to all the Trainers and Bidders who Supported the NYCHA in 2014!!!

To See YOUR Winning Bids, Please Click Here!

PLEASE REMEMBER: The winning bidder for each trainer must submit a check made out to NYCHA , or call the youth department at the NCHA office if paying by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American express).

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NYCHA Trainer Benefit Auction Terms

NYCHA Trainer Auction shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

Bidder/Purchaser (Trainee) conditions:
• Purchaser (trainee) must register in order to place a bid online. Click here to register.
• Persons may submit a bid on any number of trainers
• Bidding is open to all NCHA members  or Non members.
• The person purchasing the 2 training/lessons sessions is responsible for providing their own personal horse, feed, and accommodations for themselves, a stall will be provided for the horse
• Training sessions purchased through the NYCHA trainer auction are not transferrable and may not be re-sold by the purchaser.

Trainer Conditions:
• Offer 2 days of lessons (hours of each day of lessons will be solely between the trainer and trainee).  Click here for Contract.
• Provide stalling of trainee’s personal horse
• Once the donated training sessions have been sold, the NYCHA will notify the trainer. The contact name and phone number of the trainer will be given to the purchaser and/or trainee. Training arrangements will be made between  donor (trainer) and purchaser (trainee). NYCHA is not responsible for booking dates or any additional fees associated with this donation.

Online Bidding
• Minimum bid starts at $250.00
• Bids will increase in increments of $100.00
• Bids are binding and may not be retracted once submitted
• The winning bidder for each training/lesson session must submit a check made out to the NYCHA or pay by credit card within
   5 working days of the auction close date.

• The 2 training/lessons session does not include accommodations for person purchasing session or any travel expenses

Bidding Issue?
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