2015 NYCHA
Online Trainer Auction

Benefiting the
National Youth Cutting Horse Association

Bidding starts June 1, 2015 through July 24, 2015!

    The NYCHA Online Trainer Auction is a fundraiser for the NYCHA.  These trainers have generously donated their time, facility, cows, etc.  to support NCHA's youth program. 100% of the money from the winning bids goes to the NYCHA.  Funds raised from this program help support youth scholarships, youth awards, and various youth activities. 

Now taking donations for the 2015 NYCHA Trainer Service Program
  Please contact the NYCHA if you would like to donate a Training Session!  Click Here for the Trainer Service Program Contract!
Must have at least 25,000 in NCHA earnings

THANK YOU to all the Trainers and Bidders who Supported the NYCHA in 2014!!!

To See YOUR Winning Bids, Please Click Here!

PLEASE REMEMBER: The winning bidder for each trainer must submit a check made out to NYCHA , or call the youth department at the NCHA office if paying by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American express).

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Thank You to these Trainers who graciously donated
their time to the NYCHA Trainer Auction!

Trainer Phone Email Web Site
Al Dunning 480-471-4600 Email Trainer! Web Site
Andrew Coates 707-689-6598 Email Trainer! Web Site
Andy Sherred 405-590-9431 Email Trainer!
Barbra Schulte 979-277-9344 Email Trainer! Web Site
Bill Riddle 580-662-2180 Email Trainer! Web Site
Bronc Willoughby 940-894-2120
Bryant Slaughter 281-352-0374 Email Trainer!
Casey Crouch 817-368-3070 (cell) Email Trainer! Web Site
Chris Benedict 817-304-5636 (cell) Email Trainer!
Clint Allen 817-304-1526 Email Trainer! Web Site
Cody Duvall 719-688-2732 Email Trainer!
Craig Morris 817-946-0774 Email Trainer! Web Site
Cookie Banuelos 940-507-0969 Email Trainer!  
Craig Thompson
817-597-6309 (cell)
Email Trainer! Web Site
Curtis Bass 940-636-1268 Email Trainer!  
Dana Larsen 806-886-7539 Email Trainer!
David Stewart 817-939-8110 Email Trainer!  
Dell Bell 904.641.1713 Email Trainer!  
Don Crumpler 940-867-2826
Eddie Flynn 817-307-7598 Email Trainer! Web Site
Frank Bowen 979-277-5158
Gaylon Wells 580-622-4451 Email Trainer!
Grant Setnicka 805-320-8782 (cell) Email Trainer!
James Davis 316-993-2782 Email Trainer!  
Jamie Snider 303-807-4550 Email Trainer! Web Site
Jason Forby 618-322-1147 Email Trainer!
JB Mc Lamb 817-771-9345 Email Trainer!
Jeremy Barwick 254-485-2542 Email Trainer!
Jim Mitchell 317-403-6959    
Joe Heim 580-276-5147
Email Trainer! Web Site
John Kirby 979-421-9430
Email Trainer! Web Site
John Wold 940-367-2963 (cell) Email Trainer!
Keith Barnett 979-451-7525 Email Trainer! Web Site
Ken Mock 940-682-6460 (cell) Email Trainer!
Kevin Miller
816-565-0025 (cell)
Email Trainer! Web Site
Larry Vance 402-746-3631
Lawson Hadlock 801-529-6132 Email Trainer!
Lee Francois 903-469-4802
903-288-6736 cell
Email Trainer! Web Site
Lindy Burch 940-682-7409
Email Trainer! Web Site
Mackie Hursh 325-728-3758
325-721-2128  Cell
Email Trainer!
Mark Mills 281.684.4493 Email Trainer!  
Matt Budge 817-304-3855
Email Trainer! Web Site
Matt Sargood 209.327.4543   Web Site
Micheal Cooper 417-331-9679 Email Trainer!
Mike Warman 530-632-3126 Email Trainer! Web Site
Mike Wood 602-758-7049 Email Trainer! Web Site
Mitch Farris 936-581-3834 Email Trainer! Web Site
Nate Miller 719-688-8173  Cell
Nathen Anderson 903-574-1269 Email Trainer!  
Nina Lundgren 509-297-4480 (work)
509-539-3435 (cell)
Email Trainer! Web Site
Pat Crawford 972-571-8507 Email Trainer!  
Paul Waters 405-712-0624 Email Trainer! Web Site
Pedro Ornelas 682-239-0429 Email Trainer! Web Site
Phil Hanson 817-550-3576 Email Trainer! Web Site
Phil Rapp 817-296-8237 Email Trainer! Web Site
Randy Fanning 903-880-6990    
Rock Hedlund 916-761-7427 Email Trainer! Web Site
Ronnie Hodges 678-410-5483 Email Trainer!
Ronnie Wartchow 580-777-2876
580-272-4237 cell
Email Trainer!
Roy Bauer 304-841-2700 cell Email Trainer! Web Site
Russ Westfall 805-245-0274 Email Trainer! Web Site
Ryan Cason 817-781-4376 Cell Email Trainer! Web Site
Scott Raftery 520-403-8530 Email Trainer!  
Scott Wray 479-858-1894 Email Trainer!  
Seth Kirchner 712-542-6971 Email Trainer!  
Shane Stovall 903-312-2886 Email Trainer!  
Skip Queen 817-304-3171 Email Trainer!  
Sonny Martin 573-259-6457   Web Site
Sonny Rice 979-885-2799
Email Trainer! Web Site
Steve Oehlhof 504-234-0095  Cell Email Trainer! Web Site
Ted Sokol 386-235-9647 Email Trainer!  
Todd Randles 620-353-3041 Email Trainer! Web Site
Uwe Roeschmann 940-727-8743 Email Trainer! Web Site
Wesley Galyean 580-490-6188 Email Trainer! Web Site
Zeke Entz 404-386-5331
901-800-6618 cell
Email Trainer!
NYCHA Trainer Benefit Auction Terms

NYCHA Trainer Auction shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

The National Youth Cutting Horse Association’s Trainer Auction Program was established as a fundraiser to help ensure the growth and progress of the NYCHA and it’s programs.

Trainer services are donated to the NYCHA and the donated services will be offered for sale through the NYCHA Trainer Auction Program. Trainers MUST be a member in good standing with a trainer status. Information on trainer will be published on NYCHA’s webpage, in the July Cutting Horse Chatter, NCHA E-News and our Facebook page.

Trainer Conditions: Click Here for the Trainer Service Program Contract.
As a condition of this contract the Trainer must agree to the following:
• Offer the listed hours of lessons solely between the trainer and trainee
• Provide stalling of the trainee’s horse if necessary
• Provide NYCHA with a list of services you will provide and uphold these promises (see page 2 for list)
• Once the session has been sold, NYCHA will notify the trainer. The contact number for the trainer will be given to the Trainee/purchaser. NYCHA is NOT responsible for booking dates or any additional fees associated with this donation.

Bidder/Purchaser (Trainee) conditions:
• Purchaser must register in order to place a bid online. Click here to register.
• Purchasers may submit bids on any number of trainers.
• Purchaser is responsible for providing their own horse, feed and accommodations for themselves. Stall will be provided if an overnight stay is included.
• Training sessions are not transferable and may not be resold.

Online Bidding
Minimum bid starts at: 1 day training $250
• Bids will increase in $50 increments
• Bids are binding and may not be retracted once submitted
• The winning bidder for each training session must submit a check made out to NYCHA or pay by Credit Card within 5 days of the auction close date of July 24, 2015
• The training session does NOT include any accommodations or travel expenses unless offered by Trainer
• Any carryover to future year is at the sole discretion of the trainer donating their services

Important Notice
The purpose of the program is to provide funds for scholarships, awards, prizes and other activities to promote and encourage participation in cutting by NYCHA members. In view of this purpose, there will be no refund of winning bids for any reason. After the bidding has been completed, any transactions dealing with the training session will be solely between the trainer and purchaser/trainee. It will in no way involve NCHA or NYCHA. Submitting a contract indicates acceptance of the foregoing

Bidding Issue?
If you attempt to bid on a Trainer and it continually asks for you to login, then cookies are not enabled on our browser.  Cookies are required to be enabled for this site to function.  In Internet Explorer, go to Tools\Internet Settings\Privacy and make sure that it is set to the default setting.  Close and reopen Internet Explorer and try again.  If it still does not allow you to bid, then change the Privacy setting to the lowest settings to accept all cookies.  Place your bid and then change the setting back to the default setting.

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